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GRABO H v2 Electric Suction Cup Lifter for Tiles Wood Glass Marble Granite Drywall and More Lifts upto 75 kgs

GRABO H v2 Electric Suction Cup Lifter for Tiles Wood Glass Marble Granite Drywall and More Lifts upto 75 kgs

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The GRABO H can grip onto almost any surface.

The Grabo H is a small but powerful tool that adds a handle to just about any surface. If you need to move, lift, or install a material that isn’t too porous or too textured, the GRABO H is an absolute necessity in your arsenal. The GRABO H is the new GRABO tool specifically made with a smaller design that is perfect for the weekend warrior and the do it yourself-er. The GRABO H features a smaller handle so you can get the best ergonomically grip as possible. With a maximum lifting capacity of 165 lbs, or 75 kgs, this small but mighty tool will help you get the job done with ease.

Glass, Wood, Appliances, Metal, Flooring, Plastic, Concrete, Drywall, and so many more materials, can now be moved, installed and lifted by everyone. With the GRABO H, simply press the green button for motor on and off, and red for pressure release.

Just like the GRABO PRO, the GRABO H features our revolutionary smart start and stop function, this means, once the GRABO H reaches a complete suction on your material, it will automatically shut the vacuum pump motor off to conserve battery, and if your material is porous such as plywood that allows air to bleed inside the vacuum chamber, the GRABO H will automatically turn the vacuum pump back on in an effort to regain suction, so you will always stay in that safe zone so your material doesn’t drop.

Nemo GRABO is Easy to use!

Speaking of battery, the new GRABO H is powered by your choice of either six AA 1.5V batteries, or two 18650 3.7V lithium ion batteries. The battery pack is replaceable at one side of the tool, and the battery life indicator is located at the opposite side of the tool with 5 LED lights. Just like all GRABO tools, the GRABO H has four metal anchor points to open up more lifting opportunities for external attachments.

From simple jobs such as hanging a picture frame, to heavy jobs such as laying tile, the GRABO H offers that valuable extra hand, saving you time, and preventing strain or injuries on your body.

We’re extremely excited to bring this new tool to you. With the GRABO H, we aim to prove that heavy lifting, is truly made easy, and is not just for those on the professional job site, but for everyone.

How Much Can the GRABO H v2 lift?

The maximum weight a GRABO H can hold depends on two things.

  1. The way you are carrying the material.
  2. They type of material you are carrying.

There are two ways you can use the GRABO H to carry material.
Perpendicular and Parallel

Different shapes and sizes of items will need a different approach, so the GRABO is designed to give you a firm and safe hold from both angles.

You also need to consider the weight of what you’re lifting to use the GRABO safely. This chart provides you with the safe guidelines for carrying the main materials you will find yourself using with GRABO technology.

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